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Jose Fernandez Life

I am a film and video editor highly skilled for post-production movies.

Final Product

The final production incorporates the storyline and personality of the starring actors

Video Editing

I work with others adding sounds, voices and music, to place them in the appropiate place

Client Support

I take pride in giving my clients great customer service every time.

How I Work

During the process, I works with other staff including sound and lighting technicians, costume designers and makeup artists, actors, directors and other editors.


Videos transforms the image language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.


The world of video editing is never static.


I always try to demystify the creative process.

Without limits

It’s my job to listen the clients and give them what they want.



A Happy, boy, who smiles like a kid, enjoys little things and spreads positive vibes. I get up every time I fall, without losing hope, fighting till the end.

Jose Fernandez

For techie profile I describe me as a proffesional video editor.

Jose Fernandez
Film & & Video Maker

Lynda Smith

For techie profile I describe me as a proffesional video editor.

Jose Fernandez
Film & & Video Maker

High Quality &
Professional End

Clients see the benefits immediately

About me

Techie Profile.

i'm Freelance Video Editor / videographer / photographer and creative designer


I am Here to Help You

I offer a range of video editing services. If you have any questions, or you would like to start a custom project, please contact me.


In digital video, photography, television and film,

post-production refers to the tasks that must be completed or executed after the filming or shooting ends. This includes tasks such as the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, etc.

  • Final cut pro
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Premier
  • PowerDirector


Filmmaking has always been about telling a story.

I love creating the storyline of a good video. A good clip is characterized by a clear storyline.

  • Adjust Triggers
  • Advanced Slides
  • Fine-Tuning


I use the latest digital technologies

Take the ability to target specific messages to specific people at specific moments and places.

  • Creative ideas and assets
  • Next Generation Film
  • Focus on the design experience of our clients
  • Advanced Methods


The development in video requires planning and preparation.

worked hard to make sure that it is collaborative, transparent, and efficient.

  • Selecting Equipment
  • Planning the Shoot
  • Capture and Logging
  • Editing
  • Titling
  • Encoding
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"Editing is like killing your story...
...and then bringing it back to life".
"Editing is not a technical process...
...It’s an artistic process"
"Film is a dramatic construction".

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We all have a story.

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Tel: 654 912 803

Calle de Jose Fernandez
Eivissa, 07800, España